BRIDGING into GIFT CULTURE: A Community Building Retreat – Ashland, OR – July 11-15, 2012

This playful and deep learning event will happen July 11-15, 2012 at Buckhorn Springs near Ashland, Oregon. Here’s a pdf flyer for the event. This retreat will include the Bridge workshop of Nik and Barbara Colyer.

For information or to register Contact Bill or Zoe (Also, this is our full website, check us out!)

Our vision for this retreat: We gather heart centered people, devoted to creating a more beautiful world. We are looking for social innovators and artists who have already done their “inner work”and are willing to wade deeper into the unknown. Using the magic of dialogue, mindfulness practices, poetry, song and dance we set a resonant field. From this place of deep presence the learning gets grounded, people will return home with the skills and inner knowing of how to build their own intimate, long-term, personal community of both men and women.

Men and women together, in a safe and profound trusting way, has been a dream for 5000 years. Some of us have been exploring gender healing for decades, and we believe humankind is finally ready. Nik and Barbara bring a beautiful process for opening very safe non-sexual intimacy between men and women. This deep and special learning is why a gender balanced retreat is important.

Welcome to heaven: We know “Gift Culture” as a doorway into a joyous life. It sounds like hyperbole, but it not! This is the work many of us have been doing for 20 & 30 years. We have figured out how to have what everyone wants: love, family and deep personal community. And we are fully aware that during these times of systems collapse, the most “secure” thing we can do, is build intimate community – a family of choice.

If this feels like something that you want in your life, please contact us directly – see below for phone number or write: see “Contact” above

For a more detailed look at our work, allow us to offer a map of how we’ll “bridge into new culture.” The human evolutionary process has taken us from tribal hunter-gatherers to urban competitive creatures, with ever greater speed. Now, we are entering a new global worldview, and our work crosses the fine line. The ManKind Project (MKP) and similar women’s “inner work” guides people from #4 & 5 to #6, then after some years in support-groups they somehow “leap” across that line. See this as an evolutionalry “world-view” map.

This “leap” is often called the paradigm shift, where everything changes because one now includes all past worldviews. Here war ends because we can see and appreciate the human journey and all the people who struggled with their evolving process. Here we see that cooperation simply works so much better for everyone than competition. This is the new culture coming into being.

Notice also how the world-views alternate from “individual” to “community” and we keep moving from simple to complex. Our retreat will explore the neo-tribal #8, which barely exists at this time on planet earth. We can not go back to tribal #2 or authoritarian, we have become too complex to go back. We must build new “community” by including all we have learned before and moving into the unknown.

Our retreat will take us down into some creative chaos, and we return as more complex and stable beings:

We call this process dropping into aliminal state and we will go there. This exploration has been brewing for 20 years. We’ve learned to access it for ourselves and how to teach others. This “liminal state” is the magical something that happens almost every time in the MKP training events, which is why authentic “transformation” happens so often there. We will offer a skill-set of how to do this, so that you can apply it and take it into your world to enhance your gifts. Our lonely culture needs this right now!

Retreat Information:

Where: Buckhorn Springs, just a few miles outside of Ashland, is a peaceful, rustic retreat center nestled in a small valley with a year-round creek, old oaks, Ponderosa Pines, tall aromatic cedars and open meadows. Wonderful food and hospitality; we prefer that all stay on-site.

July 11, Wednesday afternoon 5:00, – July 15, Sunday afternoon 2:00. (five-days, four-nights)

Costs & Reciprocity: We offer this retreat as a gift. Buckhorn Springs base fee of $103.40 per night, or $413.60 total per person includes food, lodging and gratuities. Our retreat concludes with a gifting ritual where each participant is invited to contribute a monetary gift to support the teachers.

If all this feels right and exciting to you and you want to play with us in a deep co-creational way, please write or call us directly. Also note that we have some scholarships available.

Evolving together in joy,
Bill & Zoe


Credits: This unique version of the “spiral dynamics” worldview map, adapted by Steve McDonald came from his article:


  1. Bill, blessings for the great work you are doing in the world. It makes a difference!

  2. Bill and Zoe,
    Your retreat sounds very inviting! Your goals and ideas resonate with me! I and my love, Alex, have just moved here a month ago from Missouri. We are moving from Medford to Ashland next week. The timing doesn’t quite work for us to attend the retreat, but I would love to be on your mailing list. We are here to find community, to express our gifts, creativity and compassion. We want to play a lot, too! I’m sure our paths will cross at some point. We got your flyer from Skip Andrew, who recommended you highly.
    We met him yesterday in Lithia Park.
    Peace and Blessings on you and your event next week!
    Jack Wiens

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